We screen for candidates who have hands-on experience in private service; are intelligent, stable, and proactive; have a strong work ethic and long-term career goals; and show commitment and loyalty. We demand a variety of skills including excellent communication skills (written and verbal), computer skills, strong management and leadership skills, and the dedication to see a job through to completion.

To provide you with the right match, our screening process includes the following steps. At Heartland, we:

  • Require candidates to provide a cover letter, professional resume, and letters of reference.
  • Require candidates to complete our detailed, multi-page application, including a comprehensive list of their skills.
  • Conduct a thorough background check before placing anyone in a private home. In our stringent screening process, we verify and check: Social Security number, higher and lower courts for arrests everywhere they have lived (county by county), and their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for their DMV report or other issues.
  • Interview candidates to clarify their exact skill sets, capabilities, work experience, personal and family background, personality types, and work preferences. Our files will include a detailed report of our interview with direct quotes.
  • Call multiple references and take extensive notes. We type the references up in prose and include the reference contact numbers so you can check our work and ask your own questions.

Our candidates withstand the grueling screening we require and understand the need for full disclosure. They welcome the scrutiny and consistently represent Heartland with pride and integrity.

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Female Organs.
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