Full-time professional domestic couple team needed to care for 10,000sf home on 5-acres in a gated community near Vail, CO. The professional couple will have full, year-round responsibility for maintaining the home and property in pristine condition. The current caretakers have established an excellent network of vendors to maintain both the main house and caretaker’s cottage and will be retiring this summer.

Expectations are that the caretaking couple will do hands-on housekeeping, shopping, laundry, ironing, making beds, vacuuming and sweeping daily, and personal errands. Similarly, although vendors take care of any significant maintenance issues, they would like the caretakers to have basic handyman skills to take care of the property. The peak demands for work and time commitment occur during the Christmas holidays when the house is busy. The current caretakers install the extensive Christmas decorations. During this period, daily support for shopping, cleaning, laundry, ironing and cooking and occasional babysitting would be required at a level substantially higher than other periods of the year when the owners do not occupy the house. Although the family enjoys cooking and typically prepares its own meals, some prep work and cooking is required. Some pick-up and drop-off of family members at the Airport is often required.

The couple’s married daughter and family (including three boys, aged 6, 8 and 11) live in the same community. The job will require driving the boys to their school (20 miles away) and sports activities (largely soccer and basketball now) several days a week and occasional babysitting. These roles would be performed largely when the owners are not in residence in their home.

The owners have significant experience working with caretakers and household staff. The owners believe the key to maintaining successful long-term relationships includes open and frequent communication, professional but friendly, open and caring personalities, fundamental respect and trust, attractive compensation and benefits that match the importance of the role, and adequate time-off to ensure the professional couple can enjoy mountain living.

Lovely separate two-bedroom house on-site, provided with a competitive salary and benefits for the right long-term couple team.

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