Remote East Maui estate seeking live in domestic couple. The property has a very strong landscape team already in place, so, the incoming manager should have strong teamwork/ teambuilding skills. Construction and remodeling skills required.

Very large estate and property, much of which requires daily maintenance and upkeep. Daily duties include, mowing large lawns, weed eating, dealing with invasive plants, and overseeing multiple projects happening at the same time. In house crew comes with the property so strong management skills are required. This position requires daily management of the maintenance crew.

Maintain the four homes, including caretakers cottage, on the property year round. Primary residence needs checking daily, get air circulating, check for must, dust, mold, etc. Check dehumidifier, wipe all the salt water on surfaces down. Full housekeeping but very basic.

Want to be clear the challenging part of this position is the isolation and learning to embrace the culture and style of Hawaii. Beautiful furnished cottage on property, health insurance and vehicle provided. This is a full-time salaried position 40 hour work week.

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