Estate Couple Team need to manage and care for 2.5-acre property with a 6,500sf residence and extensive landscaping. One member of the couple team will be responsible for maintaining the interior of the household including detailed cleaning, laundry (for two adults only), running errands, receiving deliveries and occasionally assisting with meal preparation. Other member of the couple team will be responsible for exterior duties including structure maintenance and grounds keeping. Occasional pet sitting is required when principals travel.

This home was built 20 years ago and is in need up updating. Potential projects include painting and various remodels in the near future. Ideal candidates will have basic handyman skills to spearhead projects and work with subcontractors when needed. The property includes natural landscaping with many trees and shrubbery as well as two fountains, a pool and a rose garden. Special attention must be paid in summer season to ensure everything is getting sufficiently irrigated.

Competitive salary and separate 2-bedroom home within a 10 minute drive is provided.

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