Live-in Executive Housekeeper/Household Manager needed for 10,000sf home in MA. This large home was built around 1930 but has been remodeled and modernized and continues to undergo upgrades. Household Principals are an adult couple with grown children that visit. House and pet sitting required when principals are traveling.

Executive Housekeeper/Household Manager will be responsible for complete oversight of home, keeping it clean, neat, organized and stocked with household supplies at all times. Other staff members include a grounds caretaker as well as an outside cleaning crew that comes weekly to help with the deep cleaning.

Ideal candidates will be able to fill a variety of roles including learning the maintenance needs for the property and establishing a household manual to track all needs and vendors. Must be capable of performing light administrative tasks while also being willing to be hands-on wherever needed. Must have knowledge of proper care of art/antiques, hard wood floors, granite surfaces and oriental rugs. Must be willing to work alongside housekeeping crew to ensure principal’s standards are met. Will be responsible for laundry and ironing and keeping track of all dry cleaning.

The principals enjoy cooking but would like assistance with grocery shopping, prep work and clean up after meals. Must keep kitchen and dining areas clean and sanitary before and after meals. May be asked to prepare the occasional meal as well.

Full apartment with private kitchen provided within the main residence. Competitive salary and potential benefits are available. Ideal candidates will have experience in a similar position, be organized, pleasant and love dogs. Must enjoy being of service and understand the flexible nature of a private service work schedule.

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