Live-out Grounds Manager/Handy man needed to care for 25-acre property owned by retired couple with unique health issues. The residence sits on an 8-acre hayfield with two adjoining properties that are a combination of wetlands, woodlands and fields. The main house is 4,300sf with an additional 3,000sf of basement with a lot of duct work. There is a 12’ x 10’ shed for gardening equipment and a two-car garage.

Grounds Manager/Handyman will be responsible for care of property and oversight of any and all vendors that are needed. There are some unique vendor challenges as She has two main disabilities that they have created a safe living space around. RSD/CRPS is a pain syndrome that is aggravated by hot, cold, air flow, vibration and humidity. She also has a Tracheostomy which requires humidity and control of dust/pollen. She has chemical sensitivities and breathing issues and must minimize odors and chemicals. Household projects can be difficult to manage for noise/vibration/dust/odors.

Ideal candidates will have a knowledge of native plant species for the area. Will be responsible for management and control of poison ivy and other invasive species. Will also be responsible for management of vegetable and flower gardens.

Additional handyman duties are needed. Candidates must have a strong mechanical aptitude with the ability to be a creative thinker and trouble shooter. There are many routine problems to solve (gutters, sidewalk cracks, weather stripping), some more complex ones (potential coordination of removal of hurricane shutters so a window can be replaced) and some that are truly unique to the position (supervising vendors for humidity control – they are currently running five desiccant dehumidifiers, managing air infiltration and acoustical issues).

Housing off-site is provided as well as excellent salary.

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