Live-out Household Manager in San Antonio needed to provide complete oversight of 8,000sq ft home as well as managing the daily care of elderly principals with health challenges. The home is fully staffed, and a local agency supplies a rotating nursing staff. The Household Manager will be responsible for overseeing household with the number one priority being keeping the home and environment safe for the principals. The Mr. suffered a stroke several years ago and is cared for by 2 daytime aides and a nighttime aide. Household Manager will be responsible for overseeing Aides and making sure he is well cared for.

The Mrs. is in good health but does need oversight and assistance. She has a unique personality and ideal candidates will be calm and patient and understand that there may be good days and bad days as she is dealing with the on-set of dementia and can get frustrated at times. Ideal candidates will have previous experience working for elderly principals and understand the unique nature of such a position.

Couple teams may be considered as well depending upon their skillset and experience. Competitive salary and benefit package are offered

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