Dedicated property caretaker needed to join existing team to care for a 50-acre property. Will be responsible for lawn care, upkeep of the arena, landscape irrigation, fence repair, pool & hot tub maintenance, tree care & other landscaping related duties. The principals currently sub out all of the services but would like to find a long-term employee that could take any of these duties on and keep everything in house and foot traffic on the property down. Caretaker should have the ability to schedule and supervise vendors as needed and keep projects on schedule. Candidates must be able to present well and represent the property and its owners in the best manner possible.

Candidates should be mechanically inclined but do not have to have any special certifications or training. Must be savvy enough to know when to take on a project and when to suggest it be hired out to a trained professional. Must be detail oriented and should be capable of creating and updating property documentation to track maintenance needs, etc. Candidates should be comfortable with operating equipment and maintaining it (changing oil, etc). Experience with horses and barn work is a plus. Ideal candidate will possess an eye for detail, with keen awareness of timing and respect for the owners’ space and privacy. This motivated, individual will have basic mechanical skills with ability to solve problems and complete tasks whether working alone or with others. Must be a team player and not try to take charge of the property.

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