Service oriented couple team needed to maintain a large secondary property in a beautiful area of Montana. This 13,000sf, newly constructed home sits on 130 acres that is part of a conservation easement. As such, the property owners aren’t allowed to create new trails on the property and the exterior duties will be limited to the immediate area around the household, checking the fence line and providing snow removal. The owners are planning utilizing natural landscaping techniques although there will be some lawns that need to be maintained.

The family expects to utilize the property around 90 days a year but within 5 years, plans on occupying it 6-9 months out of the year. They do have family in the area and the household will be frequently utilized for family gatherings as well as other entertaining events. Flexibility will be key as their schedule is fluid and ideal couple teams will be able to adapt to changing plans and last-minute arrivals.

Ideal couple team will be capable of learning all aspects of the property and taking ownership over its care and upkeep. Should be capable of working with the contractor on the final stages of the construction process to develop a detailed household/property manual to keep track of all warranty information and develop maintenance schedules and begin creating a vendor list.

Will be responsible for stocking the home before arrival, airport pick-up and drop offs and making sure the property is in excellent condition at all times. Will provide hospitality services including cleaning (an outside cleaning service may be utilized to assist with the heavy cleaning but couple team should be comfortable handling the daily graces), laundry and some cooking (may work directly with the principal within the kitchen). Ideal candidates will know when to be of service and when to provide privacy.

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