North Carolina: Live-out Executive Housekeeper/Cook #811

Detail oriented Executive Housekeeper/Cook needed to manage busy 8,000sf home in Raleigh, NC. Backup childcare may be required but both parents are very actively involved with the children and need an Executive Housekeeper who can help keep the home organized and provide light pick up, cleaning, and make beds. Ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is willing to clean out a closest, assess what is needed and what isn’t needed and provide organization.

Laundry is required along with light ironing. Executive Housekeeper will also be responsible for daily kitchen cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping and helping prepare dinner. Ideal candidates will enjoy cooking and be able to follow a recipe or even have professional culinary training. Floral arranging would be an additional plus as the family has a large rose garden. Packing/unpacking for family vacations as well as occasional business trips. Help with seasonal decorating and other special projects such as changing children’s closets for summer/winter apparel.

Executive Housekeeper will be responsible for the complete oversight of outside vendors; ensuring work is completed correctly and up to family standards. Must be hands-on and willing to pitch in where needed. Executive Housekeeper should be capable of creating punch lists for vendors and accurately pass along any special requests from the family. Will be responsible for creating and maintaining a household notebook to track vendors and services provided, including for family vehicles.

Ideal candidates will be able to work with family to learn likes and dislikes and then anticipate and see to needs before the family is even aware of them. Must have the ability to clearly communicate and accurately follow direction without repeated instruction.

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New York: Live-in Housekeeper/Cook-position put on hold until 2018 #836

Housekeeper/Cook/Caretaker is needed for 5,200sf home on 125-acre property. Outside services are in place for exterior work. This person will manage the home and all outside services in employer’s absence. She travels frequently (especially in the winter months) and typically spends a couple nights in the city every week. The principal is an independent widow in her 70s who is looking for someone to care for all of the household needs and keep her home organized and safe care for her dog.

Daily graces and deep cleaning the home to ensure the home is kept clean, neat and organized at all times. Will be responsible for menu planning, grocery shopping and preparing and serving meals. Must keep the kitchen stocked and organized and clean up after meals. Will be responsible for freshening bathrooms and making beds. Laundry and ironing services are also required.

Ideal candidates will have an outstanding eye for detail, be professional and gracious. Must love dogs and living in the country. Salary will be dependent on experience. A lovely fully furnished, recently refurbished two story, two bedroom cottage with garage is provided for housing.

Principal would consider couple teams and employee just the one person for the inside of the home.

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