South Carolina: Couple Team-position has been filled June, 2020 #934

Service oriented Live-in Couple team needed for new 2-acre property in a gated community. Will be responsible for caring for the inside and outside of the 9,000sf home including full housekeeping, laundry and ironing. The family has two larger dogs and animal care and pet-sitting are required.

Additional duties include working on the landscaping of the property and working alongside the Mrs. to help install and maintain many flower beds and gardens. Couple team should have experience maintaining a pool and hot tub. Occasional cooking (primarily prep work) is required.

Ideal candidates will display an excellent attention to detail and be capable of creating punch lists and household manuals for the property. Must be able to greet and interact with guests in a respectful and professional manner. Couple team must be willing to work a flexible schedule but will generally have Saturdays and Sunday’s off.

A brand new three-bedroom caretaker home is provided on the property. Competitive salary plus a bonus depending upon experience is offered as well as a stipend towards health insurance premiums. May consider adding additional benefits as the relationship develops.

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Pennsylvania: Couple Team #926

Experienced couple team needed to live on-site and assist in the care of a stunning 60-acre estate with a 10,000sf, 200 year-old stone farm house with modern additions and 7 additional rental properties. Couple team will be responsible for supervising outside contractors and additional staff as needed. Currently there is a full time groundskeeping staff as well as a housekeeper who comes M, W & F and other vendors.  Knowledge and interest in horticulture a plus.

This beautiful estate includes a number of large gardens,  small orchard , a clay tennis court, salt water pool and two ponds. Will be responsible for setting up maintenance schedules and seasonal calendars. The principals travel frequently and the couple team will be responsible for providing pet care to their 2 dogs in their absence. Will also be responsible for driving to and from airports and other appointments in the city as well as trips to NYC. Oversight of vehicle maintenance is required. Car provided for use.

Couple team will be responsible for maintaining the household in between visits from the housekeeper and should be willing to take on organizational projects and the daily graces within the household. Will be required to assist with grocery shopping and stocking the household as well as occasional cooking and assisting with entertaining. Will also be responsible for some Personal Assistant duties such as sending invitations and responding to correspondence as well as helping to plan events.

Ideal candidates will be self-starters and possess a wide range of abilities with the willingness to step in where needed.  Should possess basic handyman ability, and knowledge of household systems to troubleshoot issues.

A renovated 2,000sf apartment provided on-site for housing as well as very competitive salary. Benefits are open for discussion.



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