California: Housekeeper/Gardener Couple #903

Housekeeper/Gardener Couple Team needed for a large remote ranch in Northern California. Principals travel with five core family members and are in residence 80-90 days per year. Longer hours when they are in residence.

Full-Time position for two separate roles on a large remote ranch with a lake, rivers and beautiful mountains. Seeking a Housekeeper to clean the primary residence on a regular, rotating basis full time & a Gardener to care for the outside of the main residence, guest house and other property.

Full housekeeping of western style large log home; dusting from top to bottom of logs, oriental rugs throughout. Clean house on a rotating basis make sure home is guest ready at all times. Must have an eye for detail and enjoy cleaning. Wardrobe care, laundry, pressing, hanging clothes and organizing closets. Assist with luggage, packing and unpacking if needed. Set tables, serve, clear and clean up meals when family is in residence.

Includes but it not limited to care of the lawns; mowing, raking, weeding. Flower beds, planting, weeding and watering. Care of hot tub and beach area; rake, care for the outdoor furniture, cut cattails when needed for children’s play area at the lake. Sweep patios, wash windows, clean cars & ATV’s and maintain all equipment needed to care for the grounds. Monitor irrigation making sure the sprinklers are operating properly.

Must have no aspirations of becoming managers looking for people that enjoy working and being of service to a lovely close-knit family. Must be able to provide service but not be invasive in their personal time at ranch.

Separate housing in small community with health benefits and retirement.

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Texas: Inside/Outside Couple Team #900

Couple team needed to provide full housekeeping and groundskeeping in 8,000sf home in San Antonio. Couple team will provide full housekeeping and may be asked to assist with other duties in the household.

Team will be responsible for the groundskeeping and maintenance related duties with an emphasis on keeping the household and surrounding grounds safe for the elderly principals. Will be responsible for pool and some yard care, including facilities management (HVAC, Lighting, irrigation, Security systems & Entertainment, etc.).

Couple team will have driving duties – One applicant must have a driver’s license with a clean driving record.  Will be responsible for driving principals to Family office, events, appointments and social gatherings.

Couple team must be comfortable working under a household manager and taking direction in the position. Must display an excellent attention to detail and understanding of caring for a high-end household and grounds.

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New Jersey : Farm Couple Team/Property Manager #899

Hands-on couple team or property manager needed to care for 15-acre farm in New Jersey that is the full-time residence of a busy family with two young children. Will be responsible for property upkeep and maintenance as well as care of various farm animals; goats, chickens, horses, etc. Will be responsible for mowing, equipment maintenance and landscaping. If outside vendors are needed to complete larger or specialty projects, couple team/property manager will act as the eyes and ears of the principals. If a single property manager is hired, a part-time farm hand may be hired to assist with the animals (depending upon number of animals and required work load).

If a couple team is hired, one member of the team will fill the role of executive housekeeper/cook and will be responsible for supervising outside housekeepers that will provide the deep cleaning. Will be responsible for daily organization, laundry, ironing and grocery shopping. Will be responsible for providing meal preparation as well (simple meals for the family).
Ideal candidates will display good common sense, be strong team players while also being self-starting, independent workers. Must be hands-on and willing to take on various farm related duties and tasks. Must be comfortable working with a hands-on owner.
Housing, competitive salary and benefit package offered.

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Ohio: House Manager or Couple Team #883

Household Manager or Couple team needed for 10,000sf primary residence situated on 14 wooded acres in Ohio. The principals are in their mid-60’s and have a very large and active family and are looking for a Household Manager or couple team to become an extension their close-knit family. Ideal candidates will be willing to take on whatever is needed; driving, laundry, grocery shopping or a deferred maintenance or cleaning project.

Must be comfortable with children and willing to help in a pinch as they have 5 grandchildren that range from new-born to 10 years old. Will be responsible for the daily graces, keeping the home neat and organized at all times. Will oversee a part-time housekeeper as well as outside contractors and vendors however the family would like to reduce the number of vendors needed. The Mrs. is a fabulous cook but would like assistance with grocery shopping and inventory control. Potential menu planning, food prep and serving while the family is entertaining. The principals are very active in several non-profit boards and often host events. Must be capable of assisting with all event preparations and then oversee events while also acting as host.

Ideal candidates will be tech savvy as the home is fully automated. Must have a friendly and open personality and enjoy working with children. Open to considering both a single individual or a couple team depending on their experience and skill-sets. Competitive salary and potential benefit package available. Open to live-in or live-out.

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