North Carolina: Live-Out Estate Couple Team #918

Live-out couple team needed to provide full service to family who is constructing a new home in North Carolina. Couple team will be responsible for keeping home in excellent condition and managing grounds team while also providing some hands-on exterior work/upkeep. Full housekeeping as well as laundry is required. Couple team will also be responsible for cooking in the role.

The principals have a 3-year-old son and their work requires them to travel 4 or weeks per year(depending on the year). They would like the couple team (or a member of the couple team) to travel with them to provide childcare and also assist with packing and unpacking, valet services and airport shuttles.

Ideal candidates will be comfortable wearing many different hats and taking on hands-on duties when needed. Must be pro-active with excellent time management skills and the ability to work both as a team and as individuals. Must be willing to adapt to the growing needs of the family. Should be comfortable interacting with outside vendors and creating/updating documentation for the household and secondary property in Maine.

Competitive salary and health insurance are available.



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New York: Estate Couple Team #914

Seeking a live-in couple to provide outstanding formal service to family and guests in their Hampton Estate. Ideal couple team will consist of a detail-oriented housekeeper and a handyman that can also transition to providing high-end formal service when the family is in residence.

Couple team will manage outside vendors, run errands, clean boat and deck and take care of the overall maintenance and management of the inside and outside of the home. The family does bring dogs to the property and some pet care may be required as well.

Formal service and high-end hospitality are the main focus of the position. The couple team will be required to wear black and white uniforms and ideal candidates will have experience/training in formal service. Full housekeeping of two homes (total of 18,000sf) is required when family isn’t in residence. Additional housekeeper and laundress are brought in when family is in residence to assist.

Cooking is not a main requirement although the couple may be asked to prepare light breakfasts and assist the chef with prep work. Will be responsible for formal service and clean-up.

Housing is provided on-site and an outstanding compensation package that includes full health insurance and the possibility of a 401k are available.

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