California: Ranch/ Estate Manager #915

Ranch/Estate Manager needed for 1,000 acre property in Paso Robles, CA. Property has 4 miles of lake front land and a total of 15,000sf in structures. Other staff includes Ranch supervisor, three ranch hands and two housekeepers. Seeking someone that will take ownership of the horse program and can bring the horse program up a notch; three horses, two mini-donkeys and 15 chickens to maintain and manage with the support staff.

Ranch manager will be responsible for administrative duties including assisting with payroll and HR tasks as well as accounting and potentially budgeting. Should be capable of developing emergency plans for potential fire danger as well. Will be responsible for making sure fleet of vehicles (Jet skis, boats, trucks, etc.) are licensed and insured and well maintained. Hands-on duties are required as well and ideal candidates will be pro-active problem solvers that enjoy being hands-on with a wide variety of projects. Emphasis on construction and mechanical experience to handle the many systems and projects on the property. Will report directly to principals, business manager and assistant and work closely with Ranch Supervisor.

Weekend coverage is required as support staff works M-F. Ranch manger will be responsible for caring for animals and property during weekends and may be requested to provide hospitality services as well. Weekly hours will vary from 40-60 hours depending upon the season and utilization of the property. Ideal candidates will have experience with running a horse program and be capable of making sure horses are ready for principals and guests to ride. Manage training, exercising, veterinary appointments, nutritional supplements, extra hay bathing and keeping trails clear.

This property is frequently used for entertaining and the majority of services are handled by the staff but candidates should be willing and able to assist with hospitality services as needed. Candidates must be bi-lingual (English/Spanish). Competitive salary with health benefits and housing on-site are offered.

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Texas: Ranch Manager #911

Experienced Ranch Manager needed for a privately owned 20,000-acre ranch in South Texas that operates as a getaway for the family and invited guests currently. The primarily utilization of the property is for hunting purposes: quail and whitetail deer during the season as well as eleven exotics that can be hunted any time of the year. Future plans for the ranch could include the development of the property for commercial hunting.

The ranch seeks a bilingual (English/Spanish) Ranch Manager who will be responsible for staff management and mentorship, overall property management and hunting operations, delivery of first-class hospitality to owners, family and guests, and meeting financial and budget expectations.

Ideal candidates will have previous experience managing a large, hunting focused ranch and will understand and share in the larger vision for the property and for the management of the wildlife. While this is primarily an administrative position, the Ranch Manager is expected to be willing to work alongside the crew when needed. The majority of the crew are of Mexican descent and it’s important that the new manager is able to communicate effectively and garner their respect while fostering a pro-active mindset when it comes to the care of the property. Ideal candidates will be able to quickly establish a trust level with the staff and be willing to delegate key duties as needed without micromanaging.

The Ranch Manager will interact with guests on occasion and must be capable of entertaining while representing the ranch and its owners professionally.

Candidates must possess strong administrative abilities and be able to oversee and implement policies and procedures as needed. Will be responsible for supervising different department heads and should be capable of providing written documentation about issues that arise. Must be able to keep the larger picture in mind while still handling the day to day moving pieces to make progress towards the ultimate goals for the ranch.

Competitive compensation package including benefits and on-site housing is provided.

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