South Dakota : Couple team/Ranch Manager – position has been filled July 2018 #862

Experienced couple team or ranch manager needed to oversee and care for beautiful 100+ acre ranch in South Dakota. Property has multiple homes and outbuildings, extensive landscaping and several ponds as well as a creek and shooting range. Couple team/Ranch Manager will be responsible for hands-on care and maintenance of property including mowing (close to 8 hours a week) and snow plowing in the winter. If a couple team is hired, they will also provide housekeeping and laundry services. Cooking is not required.

Will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all equipment including 6 Polaris/4 wheelers, 2 trucks and 2 SUVs. There is a car wash on the property and Couple Team/Ranch Manager will be responsible for keeping cars vacuumed out and ready for use. Ideal candidates will establish a record keeping system to keep track of both vehicle and property maintenance.

Couple team will be responsible for stocking main residence with staples before principal’s arrival and may be asked to assist with other errands or tasks while in residence. Cooking is not required. Airport pick-up and drop off is required. The property is about an hour from the airport.
Must have the ability to manage and supervise outside vendors and contractors such as sub-contractor who hays the property. Ideal candidates will be handy and mechanically inclined to keep farm equipment maintained and in good working order.

Competitive salary and health insurance are offered. Housing is provided on-site.

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Colorado: Assistant Ranch Manager – Position has been filled July, 2018 #850

Assistant Ranch Manager needed for 16,000+ acre conservation focused ranch in south central Colorado. The ranch is nestled between National Forest and wilderness land as well as two similar size family related ranches. The majority of the ranch is protected by conservation easements and is managed to enhance wildlife habitat.

The Assistant Ranch manager will live on or near the ranch and will assist the current manager with all aspects of management. They will report directly to the current Ranch Manager with the goal being that they will assume the role of Ranch Manager in the next few years after the current Ranch Manager retires. Ideal candidates will have several years of experience working on a conservation based ranch or wilderness property.

This is a hands-on position and Assistant Ranch manager will be responsible for all aspects of land stewardship: facility management, equipment maintenance and repair, road and trail maintenance, forestry, water rights/ditch management, care and conditioning of ranch horses (must have horsemanship experience), packing and guiding up to high country, providing security for the property, overseeing subcontractors including an elk hunting outfitting business, and most important, ensuring the land and facilities are maintained to the standards for family use as well as coordinating periodic family visits.
Ideal candidates will possess a vast hands-on skillset including above average carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills. Most importantly the candidate will have conservation-minded values and be a passionate outdoors person who can provide outstanding service to the family when they are in residence.

Competitive salary, housing and excellent benefits are provided.

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