Colorado: Estate/Ranch Manager; Current Manager is staying on this position is no longer available May, 2019 #902

Full-time, Spanish speaking on-site management and hands-on care of a large private estate/ranch in Colorado. Oversee and participate in all aspects of the maintenance on the property and primary residence, multiple structures, barns, and outbuildings. Oversee and complete landscaping and groundskeeping. 

Looking for a jack-of-all trades to handle multiple maintenance needs; basic knowledge of and ability to troubleshoot filters, pool, irrigation system, boilers, HVAC, heating systems, carpentry, pumps, roofing, pool and hot tub maintenance. 

Will be responsible for developing and maintaining preventative maintenance plans including a maintenance schedule/calendar for all equipment and structures on the property. Will make recommendations for equipment replacement and purchases directly to owner. Must ensure all equipment and inventories are properly maintained and securely stored for both operational and safety reasons. 

Must have the ability to create and maintain computerized financial, operational, production and/or employment records as appropriate. Documentation is key; must be Microsoft savvy, able to produce spreadsheets. Will also be responsible for developing and maintaining complete property manual that includes updated vendor list and emergency contacts for all systems and equipment, instruction files, manuals, warranties and maintenance/service schedules. (20 vehicles, ATVS and other recreational) Maintain spreadsheets on all equipment; tractors, skid steers, etc 

Housing and competitive salary is provided with a full benefit package including a 401K

Would consider couple teams if the team member desires work as well.

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Utah : Residential Development Ranch Manager #893

Residential Development Ranch Manager needed to oversee 13,000+ acre Ranch that consists of 81 private lots and associated common areas. Ranch consists of 20+ miles of paved roadway, 50+ miles of trails and plenty of open spaces. The Ranch Manager will report directly to the HOA Board President and collectively to the HOA board. The Ranch Manager works directly with the HOA board to develop the annual budget and operating plan and is responsible for overseeing revenues and expenditures in line with the budget and accomplishing the key objectives for the annual plan. The Ranch Manager is responsible for the Ranch staff, including hiring and termination decisions, staff performance and development and organization and resource allocation.

The Ranch Manager will oversee stewardship of the Ranch’s environmental and ecological treasures, including abundant wildlife, and implementation of the Ranch’s non-native and invasive weed program. Will work closely with local, county and state resources to achieve the ranch environmental and ecological objectives.

Ideal candidates will possess:

  • Ten years or more experience managing large residential developments including owners with high expectations (certification under the community Association Managers International Certification Board’s (CAMICB) Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) is a plus);
  • A working knowledge (generally hands on) of the most important systems of a large development, including roads, buildings, power systems, waste management, vehicles, equipment and water operations;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and will lean towards communication with the HOA board and owners around important issues while maintaining professional boundaries and avoiding any signs of favoritism;
  • The ability to communicate difficult issues to owners without pulling punches or causing offense;
  • A working knowledge of financial statements, budgets and the control processes that ensure the protection of the Ranch’s assets;
  • A proven track record of safe operations, including the staff, homeowners and visitors;
  • References that support a history of strong character and integrity.

On-site housing and a competitive compensation package offered.

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