Montana: Housekeeper/House Manager; position has been filled Jan, 2021 #952

Service oriented experienced, professional Housekeeper/House Manager needed to maintain a large secondary property in a beautiful area of Montana. This 13,000sf, newly constructed home sits on 130 acres that is part of a conservation easement.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter with an incredibly strong work ethic. The position is involved with all aspects of running home including the hands-on detailed cleaning of this high-end home. Home must be guest ready at all times and maintained and cleaned on a zone basis to ensure the entire house is cleaned meticulously. A key responsibility is to immediately clean home after departure of owners.

General housekeeping including washing and ironing of clothes and linens. Position will maintain a spreadsheet of all requested food preferences and household items. Will stock home prior to owner’s arrival and maintain stock during stays. This includes regularly disposing and replacing of any expired items. Position will regularly prep evening dinners for owners to prepare themselves. Position will be responsible for scheduling caterers and serving staff when owners have guests or family in residence

Position works closely with Outside House Manager as equals responsible for different sides of the home. Critical thinking and planning are essential. Owner’s want to be kept aware of all at home, but the right candidate is capable of meeting all needs without significant oversite and direction. The ability to accomplish all tasks efficiently and seamlessly is key so that owners can enjoy home while in residence with as few interactions/disruptions as possible (the ability to feel like they are alone in their home), and not to worry about home when they are gone.

Owners split their time between three homes and travelling. The expectation is that they will be in-residence 2 – 4 months per year. While most visits are scheduled, there will often be last minute trips where the owners and guests or family will decide to arrive with relatively short notice.

Live off site, excellent salary with health and other benefit stipends.

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Nevada: Live-Out Family Office Assistant & Household Administrator #949

Private family in Las Vegas is seeking a detail oriented, proactive Family Office Assistant & Household Administrator. The ideal candidate for this position is a true jack-of-all trades who will oversee the operation of a 9600 sqft. home, manage the female principal’s day-to-day needs and direct the staff who care for the residence. Half of this position is in the office and the other half is split between House Management & Personal Assistant to principal.

The ideal candidate will be highly organized, an exceptional communicator and be able to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Must possess a resourceful mentality and be seeking a long-term opportunity. This individual will understand how to prioritize short-term tasks and long-term projects relating to the residence, the principals’ personal affairs and their family office.

Duties include but are not limited to the following: Primary point of contact for all matters relating to the residence and its staff; manage regular weekly vendor load and assist with renovations, repairs, décor as needed; assist with personal shopping, errands, reservations, appointments, purchases and returns; collaborate with family office to ensure asset budget is maintained appropriately; learn likes, dislikes and needs of the family; assist with event coordination; assist with pet care on occasion.

Applicants for this position should be seeking to continue their career in Private Service and have the desire to expand their level of education and practical experience. The individual who occupies this position will be an integral part of an evolving family office team which has broad and significant growth potential. This individual will report to the Director of Family Office Operations.

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Kansas : Live-out Household Manager #948

Live-out Household Manager needed to oversee and care for 19 acre property which includes two newly constructed homes that are connected and also include a wellness center and indoor pool. The Wellness center is part of the Principal’s business and the Household Manager will interact with those staff members and take on some business related duties.

The family of five includes three children, ages 10, 13 and 16. While there will be minimal duties related to the children, candidates should be comfortable working in a busy home and willing to assist when needed. There are also two French Bulldogs in the home that require some care and pet sitting when the family is out of town.

This is a new property for the family and they have never had a household manager in the role beforehand. Ideal candidates will have previous experience working in a large household and be capable of developing a household manual that includes seasonal maintenance needs, appliance warranty information, list of vendors, etc. Maintain accurate records for all property taxes, insurance and other important documentation. Maintain accurate records of all assets in the various homes and on the properties; inventory, insurance, etc.

Household Manager will be responsible for vetting outside vendors/additional staff members and supervising work. Will review invoices for all outside service providers and bring any issues to the owners’ attention. Keep accurate records of all employees; hiring, firing, training, compensation, taxes, reviews and supervision.

Competitive Salary and benefit package is available.

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Maryland: Live-in Household Manager/cook #943

Live-in Household Manager/cook needed to care for 4,000sf primary residence located in rural Maryland. This is a primary residence with two adult principals without children or pets. Household Manager will be responsible for cooking, full housekeeping, laundry, and organization of the household. The household has many fine furnishings that require a high level of detail to be cleaned. The principal has high standards as well and ideal candidates will have professional training in the proper care and upkeep of fine fabrics and surfaces. Candidates must display a high level of attention to detail and take their time while cleaning or doing laundry to make sure the proper instructions are followed.

Will be responsible for providing meal preparation including breakfast and lunch to-go and some dinner prep. Sit-down dinner is not required. Both principals prefer healthy meals and the ideal candidates will be able to stretch culinarily in the kitchen. Should be capable of developing healthy yet tasty menus from cookbooks provided and guidance from principals.

The household manager will help occasionally with booking travel arrangements, overseeing household accounts, scheduling and supervising outside vendors as needed and creating a household manual to track the maintenance and upkeep of the home. The ideal candidate is meticulous and has excellent organizational skills, is self-directed, and conscientious with an outstanding attention to detail. Must be a team player and willing to take on a wide range of duties. Professional training in hospitality and cleaning is preferred.

Beautiful Log home on-site provided for housing. Competitive salary is offered as well.

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