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Active couple with multiple homes looks to Heartland to fill a variety of positions over the years

Many of our clients turn to us again and again for their staffing needs. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” first came to us in 2005. They requested a couple team to staff their summer home on Nantucket.

Running a large home on an island presents a variety of challenges! The couple team must care for and maintain the home, outbuildings, vehicles, and equipment. It’s difficult to get supplies during the high-season. Plus, living on a quiet island in the off-season is not for everyone.

We found the perfect couple team in our nationwide database of candidates. This professional working team understood and embraced the challenges of island living − they had worked on an island on the opposite coast. The Smiths interviewed, hired, and relocated this couple team. The match was so successful that this couple team still works on Nantucket for the Smiths today.

A private chef/housekeeper’s unique skills match Connecticut home’s needs

Pleased with the couple team we found for their Nantucket home, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” came back to Heartland in 2006, requesting an employee who would be based in their primary residence in Connecticut.

The perfect candidate would serve as both personal chef and housekeeper. In addition, the selected employee would travel with the family to each home, possess excellent culinary skills, support the entertainment of large groups, and serve as a personal assistant to the lady of the house.

We provided the perfect candidate to the Smiths: a personal chef who is extremely talented, adaptable, and flexible. The Smiths hired and relocated her from the West − and she is still serving with the Smith family today.

Another couple team was needed to run a large, remote estate home in Maine

In 2007, the Smiths needed a couple team to care for their 3,000-acre property and home in rural Maine. Caring for this estate home – the large main home, guest cottages, outbuildings, runway, stocked lakes, vehicles, snowmobiles, and winter sports equipment – requires special skills.

In addition to outdoor maintenance, the team would care for the home’s interior, do the shopping, and cook for the couple and their sometimes numerous guests. Also, while remote, the main house is far from rustic. It features state-of-the-art smart-home technology for the sound system, security system, lighting, and in-home theater. The couple team would need to master and maintain these technological systems.

Finding a working couple who possessed the specific skills this estate required was a tall order. But we found just the right candidates. This working couple relocated from Florida, and they are still happily working in Maine for the Smiths.

From nannies to estate managers: Heartland has placed staff with Pennsylvania families for 20 years

This Pennsylvania family is a perfect example of clients who grew with us, returning to Heartland Estate Staffing as their needs evolved. In the early 1990s, this couple came to us looking for a nanny when their children were quite young. We supported their nanny staffing needs as their children grew up and left home for college.

This busy husband-wife team owns a successful, demanding business. They realized their needs had changed and knew they wanted to continue receiving great service. Together, we created a unique job description for them – household manager/chef – and we found the perfect candidate for them.

Five years later, as the responsibilities continued to grow, we worked with this couple to redefine the role as estate manager. We found an extraordinarily skilled professional to step into this demanding position. This dedicated estate manager travels between the couple’s two homes and manages support staff and vendors at both homes. In addition, he serves as a personal chef and personal assistant for the husband and wife. This busy estate manager possesses an impressive array of household, culinary, and business management skills and is deeply committed to the family.

A weekend retreat with a winery in Napa is maintained in like-new condition

In 2006, we received a request for a couple team who could maintain a large retreat home and a small winery in Napa, California. The client requested a professional working couple who would maintain the overall property with particular attention to keeping the main home and guest house in like-new condition.

While these very private owners wanted a casual wine country atmosphere, they requested that the professional service staff be polished and formal. They sought an energetic couple team with a wide range of skills who would take pride in maintaining the home and property in “ship-shape” condition.

We placed a couple − of experienced innkeepers from Louisiana − whose attention to detail and special skills enable them to anticipate the owners’ every need and expectation, to this day.

Estate owner requests a couple team with formal style and the skills to care for home, art, and antiquities

Several years ago, we received a request from a client looking for a couple team to staff his newly decorated, formal home in Oregon. His main home – which was featured in Robb Report – is filled with art, sculpture, and antiques and reflected his need for a butler and executive housekeeper with a formal service style.

We placed a couple from Washington, D.C. A true domestic couple, they work flawlessly in a formal setting. Always dressed in uniforms as they care for the home, cook, and serve, this couple continues to provide the high level of service and professional tone our client desires.

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