Thank you for your interest in Heartland Estate Staffing. We’re looking for the best of the best! We are seeking candidates with high levels of experience, professionalism, and ethics. We screen for candidates who have experience in private service; are intelligent, stable, and proactive; have a strong work ethic and long-term career goals; and show commitment and loyalty. We demand a variety of skills including excellent communication skills (written and verbal), computer skills, strong management and leadership skills, and the dedication to see a job through to completion.

While every job description is absolutely unique, nearly all require some hands-on responsibilities. Please tell us the duties you are willing to perform – as well as the duties you prefer not to perform – and we will find the right placement for you. We would never send you to a position in which you are not qualified or interested. Our goal is to make the best match possible, which benefits both the candidate and the employer over the long run. This means, as a Heartland candidate, you will undergo an extremely thorough screening process as we seek to meet the specific criteria set by our clients.