If your household is operating without a key staff member, it isn’t running smoothly. And it’s not the relaxing sanctuary you desire. Whether you need to replace a staff member, you are hiring for the first time, or your estate needs have changed, let us guide you through the process to hire the right employee – so you can get the best match, the first time.

Staffing homes nationwide since 1984

We’ve been a placement agency since 1984, and we’re grateful to our returning clients who call us when their staffing needs change. We have placed thousands of domestic employees – nannies, couple teams, estate managers, ranch managers, personal assistants, private chefs, and more – in some of the best homes in America. Like our long-time clients, you can rely on our work ethic, integrity, attention to detail, and our perceptive listening skills to thoroughly understand your needs.

Thanks to our long history and sterling reputation, we’ve built a large network of the best domestic employees in the country. Plus, we continue to build our database with new candidates, whom we add only after they pass our stringent candidate-acceptance process.

You’ll benefit from our large, nationwide candidate pool, our widely visited website, our selective candidate-acceptance process, and our exhaustive screening process.

We take you beyond the resume to find the best-qualified candidates for your specific needs with the right chemistry for your home!

First, we’ll discuss your specific staffing needs, listen to your precise requirements, and learn about your home’s service style. Next, we list your position on our website, research our database, and continue to interview qualified candidates who meet your requirements.

While other placement agencies may simply hand you a stack of resumes, here’s where Heartland shines: We conduct a thorough screening process, refined over the decades, to hand-select the best candidates that match your staffing needs. During this stringent screening process, we conduct a lengthy interview with each candidate, going all the way back to childhood! We believe we need to know our candidates – understand what makes them tick – before placing them in our client’s home.

Next, we’ll present to you detailed profiles of only the best, fully screened, highly qualified candidates. We’ll continue to screen and present candidates until we find the right match for your needs. Keep in mind, we have highly qualified candidates throughout the country, ready to relocate for the right long-term position. Also, if you’ve never hired staff for your home before, don’t worry – we will guide you through the process.

Thanks to our thorough screening process, you’ll preview the best-qualified candidates in the nation – so you can get the right placement, the first time

We screen for candidates who have hands-on experience in private service; are intelligent, stable, and proactive; have a strong work ethic and long-term career goals; and show commitment and loyalty. We demand a variety of skills including excellent communication skills (written and verbal), computer skills, strong management and leadership skills, and the dedication to see a job through to completion.

To provide you with the right match, our screening process includes the following steps. At Heartland, we:

  • Require candidates to provide a cover letter, professional resume, and letters of reference.
  • Require candidates to complete our detailed, multi-page application, including a comprehensive list of their skills.
  • Interview candidates to clarify their exact skill sets, capabilities, work experience, personal and family background, personality types, and work preferences.
  • Call multiple references and take extensive notes, which we provide to you.
  • Conduct a thorough background check before placing anyone in a private home. In our stringent screening process, we verify and check: Social Security number, higher and lower courts for arrests everywhere they have lived (county by county), and their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for outstanding warrants or other issues.

Our candidates withstand the grueling screening we require and understand the need for full disclosure. They welcome the scrutiny and consistently represent Heartland with pride and integrity.

How much does Heartland Estate Staffing services cost? Is there a guarantee?

Our staffing fee is extremely reasonable and is backed by our generous guarantee. For details, call us at (800) 866-6266. Or complete our Client Inquiry form or contact form – we’ll contact you and set up a time to talk.

We’re ready to help with your estate staffing needs.

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