Busy people with hectic lives need the help of a business professional – a well-organized personal assistant who will take care of the details, big and small. Your needs are unique to you. With that in mind, our candidates are flexible and possess a wide range of experience from corporate to private service.

Our personal assistants and family office directors are highly trained professionals who skillfully run your personal, home, and business schedules behind the scenes, allowing you to experience serenity in your home. Let us help you develop a job description to help you achieve a stress-free home life!

Our personal assistants typically perform a variety of the following tasks:

  • Manage and maintain your in-home office
  • Organize your personal and business calendar
  • Liaison with household staff and executive office assistants
  • Plan social and business-related events
  • Make travel arrangements and support travel logistics
  • Accompany you on business trips, assisting with meetings and appointments
  • Collect mail, disperse, and respond to correspondence and invitations
  • Provide project management skills and support
  • Negotiate and communicate with contractors, interior designers, and vendors
  • Conduct research
  • Handle document flow and organize files
  • Maintain your contact database
  • Provide technical support for up-to-date communication systems
  • Assist with security protocol
  • Track your investments
  • Provide personal and household accounting support
  • Create a thorough inventory of all household items
  • Run personal errands for you
  • And much more …

We’re ready to help with your estate staffing needs.

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