Live-out Household Manager needed to oversee and care for 19 acre property which includes two newly constructed homes that are connected and also include a wellness center and indoor pool. The Wellness center is part of the Principal’s business and the Household Manager will interact with those staff members and take on some business related duties.

The family of five includes three children, ages 10, 13 and 16. While there will be minimal duties related to the children, candidates should be comfortable working in a busy home and willing to assist when needed. There are also two French Bulldogs in the home that require some care and pet sitting when the family is out of town.

This is a new property for the family and they have never had a household manager in the role beforehand. Ideal candidates will have previous experience working in a large household and be capable of developing a household manual that includes seasonal maintenance needs, appliance warranty information, list of vendors, etc. Maintain accurate records for all property taxes, insurance and other important documentation. Maintain accurate records of all assets in the various homes and on the properties; inventory, insurance, etc.

Household Manager will be responsible for vetting outside vendors/additional staff members and supervising work. Will review invoices for all outside service providers and bring any issues to the owners’ attention. Keep accurate records of all employees; hiring, firing, training, compensation, taxes, reviews and supervision.

Competitive Salary and benefit package is available.

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