Texas: Live-Out Household Manager #890

Household Manager needed to provide complete oversight of 8,000sq ft home as well as managing the daily care of elderly principals with health challenges. The home is fully staffed, and a local agency supplies a rotating nursing staff. The Household Manager will be responsible for overseeing household with the number one priority being keeping the home and environment safe for the principals. The Mr. suffered a stroke several years ago and is cared for by 2 daytime aides and a nighttime aide. Household Manager will be responsible for overseeing Aides and making sure he is well cared for.

The Mrs. is in good health but does need oversight and assistance. She has a unique personality and ideal candidates will be calm and patient and understand that there may be good days and bad days as she is dealing with the on-set of dementia and can get frustrated at times. Ideal candidates will have previous experience working for elderly principals and understand the unique nature of such a position.

Couple teams may be considered as well depending upon their skillset and experience. Competitive salary and benefit package are offered

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Oregon & California: Housekeeper/Personal Assistant & Household Manager #830

Oregon & California

Housekeeper/Personal Assistant/Household Manager needed to care for two homes in the Portland area and another vacation property in Palm Springs, CA for two adults and two small dogs. This full-time position requires full housekeeping at all three homes. The primary residence is a 5,600sf home in Portland that is more formal than the other two properties. They also own a beach home on the coast but do not require full-service there; Household Manager will oversee property and provide a deep clean a few times per year. The Palm Springs home is primarily utilized from November to May. The Household Manager will be required to travel between OR and CA (transportation and housing is provided).

Aside from the Housekeeping duties the Household Manager will be responsible for scheduling and overseeing outside vendors, tradesman and other services that are needed to maintain the homes. There is currently a gardening and pool service in place. Must be capable of providing some administrative work including online research and ordering, booking tickets, calendar management and household accounting. Must be computer savvy. Will be responsible for grocery shopping and inventory control at all homes and a good knowledge of cooking is a plus; may be asked to assist the principal with prep work for meals and clean-up and the occasional meal. Driving principal from time to time; excellent driving record required. Must have a great eye for detail, be a self-starter and a true animal lover.

Excellent salary for the right professional candidate. Condo’s provided in OR & CA but must have your own car in Portland.

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Maine: Household Manager/Cook #882

Household Manager needed to work full-time with a team of support staff to care for a large waterfront residence.  Overseeing construction projects, handling maintenance schedules on the estate and property. Work with existing housekeeper to keep home clean, neat and safe at all times, inventory control, , menu planning, grocery shopping prepare meals and organize meeting and events. Act as Personal Assistant to principal when in residence. This is a hands-on position although there is some management and must have a sense of leadership.

Very busy during the summer months with more entertaining for a large extended family. Must have excellent communication skills, be highly organized with calendar management and scheduling skills. Work closely with family office to maintain household accounts, scheduling and assisting with travel plans. Packing and unpacking for trips, attention to wardrobe and laundry.

Seeking a candidate with experience in a similar role at a primary residence. Competitive salary with health care stipend and housing provided.

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Oregon : Live-out Household Manager #886

Detail oriented Household Manager needed to work directly with Mrs. to help manage 7,000sf home. The residence is a 1-acre lakefront home with a swimming pool. Household Manager will be responsible for the complete oversight of outside vendors; ensuring work is completed correctly and up to family standards. Must be hands-on and willing to pitch in where needed including light housekeeping, laundry & ironing.

Household Manager should be capable of creating punch lists for vendors and accurately pass along any special requests from the family. Will be responsible for creating and maintaining a household manual to track vendors and services provided, including for family vehicles. Will coordinate with existing maintenance manager on creation of household manual.

Must be extremely organized and able to help Mrs. create a filing system to par down paperwork. Ideal candidates will be self-starters that can get things organized with the Mrs. input at the beginning of the process and then have the ability to complete the project with little to no direction.

While the principals utilize ride sharing applications, household manager must be willing to provide driving on an as needed basis. Driving services will primarily be requested in the evening but day trips into Portland are to be expected as well.

Live-out position. Will only consider candidates already located in the area at this time.

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Ohio: House Manager or Couple Team #883

Household Manager or Couple team needed for 10,000sf primary residence situated on 14 wooded acres in Ohio. The principals are in their mid-60’s and have a very large and active family and are looking for a Household Manager or couple team to become an extension their close-knit family. Ideal candidates will be willing to take on whatever is needed; driving, laundry, grocery shopping or a deferred maintenance or cleaning project.

Must be comfortable with children and willing to help in a pinch as they have 5 grandchildren that range from new-born to 10 years old. Will be responsible for the daily graces, keeping the home neat and organized at all times. Will oversee a part-time housekeeper as well as outside contractors and vendors however the family would like to reduce the number of vendors needed. The Mrs. is a fabulous cook but would like assistance with grocery shopping and inventory control. Potential menu planning, food prep and serving while the family is entertaining. The principals are very active in several non-profit boards and often host events. Must be capable of assisting with all event preparations and then oversee events while also acting as host.

Ideal candidates will be tech savvy as the home is fully automated. Must have a friendly and open personality and enjoy working with children. Open to considering both a single individual or a couple team depending on their experience and skill-sets. Competitive salary and potential benefit package available. Open to live-in or live-out.

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Pennsylvania: Household Manager/Butler/Cook #878

Butler/Household Manager/cook needed to provide outstanding service to single principal and his 16 year-old son who resides in the household 50% of the time. Will be responsible for management and oversight of a fully staffed 8,000 sf home. Other staff members include a full-time personal assistant, a part-time chef, a housekeeper that works 3 times a week, groundskeepers, a rental property manager and corporate office personnel. Ideal candidates will display excellent communication skills to work closely with the support staff to ensure all areas of the home and property are kept in outstanding condition at all times. Must have the ability to negotiate with and oversee outside vendors.

Must be comfortable with driving principal when needed.  Will be responsible for wardrobe care including laundry, valet work and daily upkeep of fine wardrobes, including packing and unpacking for principal’s travel, ironing and steaming. Will be responsible for preparing and serving breakfast and lunch (lunch is a packed meal most days) and preparing dinner three times a week. Occasional meal prep for guests is required.

Ideal candidates will have previous experience working in a high-end home in a similar position. Must be comfortable being around young adults. Downstairs efficiency is provided with a separate entrance, bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom storage.

High-end salary for the right sophisticated professional with a benefit package.

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