Colorado : Ranch Couple #881

Ranch Couple team needed for beautiful 900-acre property in South West Colorado. This property is utilized as a vacation destination for the family and friends of the owner for fly fishing primarily. This used to be a public facing entity but is transitioning to only being used by the family and their guests. The property is primarily used from July to August and can required 7 day a week coverage during that time. Guests will utilize the property at other times of the year as well.

The couple team will fill two roles, Ranch Manager and Guest Manager. The ranch Manager will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance on the ranch and must be hands-on as well as having the capability to manage staff and outside vendors. Must be a detailed, organized, logistical planner with the ability to accurately estimate the time required and potential cost on future projects.

The Guest Manager will oversee the housekeeping for all of the structures, including the owner’s personal residence. Will also be responsible for ensuring all guests needs are met and should have the ability to anticipate guest needs. A support staff is hired on for the summer months, but Guest Manager must be willing to be hands-on and pitch in where needed, including meal preparation and serving.

Beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house provided on-site. Competitive salary and excellent benefit package are offered.

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California: Hands-on Ranch Couple Team-Position has been filled Nov, 2018 #875

Dedicated Ranch Couple team needed to provide hands-on work and oversight of beautiful 1,200-acre ranch in Calaveras County, CA. Will work directly with the owners to carry out the management, operation and maintenance of the entire ranch. Must be professional, organized and able to complete work in a timely manner to ensure the ranch is running smoothly and kept in first class condition at all times while protecting the improvements, timber and wildlife on the property and maximizing the owner’s enjoyment. Must be excellent communicators with the ability to clearly update the owners on all aspects of the ranch.

 Will be responsible for working directly with small herd of cattle and horses. Will be responsible for all aspects of horse training, exercise and care and will be required to assist owner and guests with all horse activities including riding instruction. Must be mechanically inclined and able to provide hands-on maintenance and repair to buildings (interior & exterior), vehicles and ranch related equipment. Will be responsible for landscaping and grounds keeping including gardening and maintenance of pool, spa and patio. Managers are to do all housekeeping in all buildings.  This work includes household cleaning and laundry before and after visits to the ranch by owner and owner’s guests and periodic cleaning between owner’s visits to prevent buildup of dust, insects, spider webs and such. When the owners and their guests are present on the ranch assistance with grocery shopping, housekeeping, meal prep and meal service, after meal cleanup, and other domestic and ranch activities may be required.

This is an all-encompassing position that requires hands-on abilities as well as excellent communication and hospitality skills. Housing is provided on-site. Excellent salary and benefit package offered dependent on experience.

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